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- author Jackie French

Sunday 10 June 2018

Review: Iggy Peck, Architect

I have a budding architect child, so Andrea Beaty and David Roberts's book Iggy Peck, Architect touched me in so many ways.

The story had me asking myself the question, what would I have done if my two-year-old had the inclination to build towers, statues and temples with all manner of things including dirty disposable nappies?

I love how Iggy's parents decide to embrace their son's passion and delight in his creations. I was mortified that his second grade teacher, Miss Lila Greer, did not support his creativeness and love of architecture. Miss Lila Greer declares 'We do not talk of buildings in here!'

Iggy's teacher's view of architecture stifles his creativity and turns Iggy's experience of school into something boring. However, while on an outdoor excursion, it is Iggy's ingenuity that saves year two and Miss Greer from being stranded on a small island.

I found Iggy Peck, Architect an inspiring story about allowing children to dream big and create.

Beaty uses beautiful rhyming text that makes this book a delight to read aloud and Roberts's illustrations are a fabulous combination of line and colour.

Beaty and Roberts have co-created other stories that inspire children to follow their passions and to dream big; Rosie Revere, Engineer and Ada Twist, Scientist.

Title: Iggy Peck Architect
Author: Andrea Beaty
Illustrator: David Roberts
Publisher: Abrams, $24.99
Publication Date: 25 June 2007
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780810911062
For ages: 5+
Type: Picture Book