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Friday 15 June 2018

Review: World: Illustrated Map

Following on from the AMAZING Australia: Illustrated Map, Tania McCartney has once again left kids, adults, families and classrooms drooling with the release of World: Illustrated Map.

Scattered with the most gorgeous, colourful and funky illustrations, roll it out, hang it up and explore the animals, plants, foods, natural wonders and famous locations unique to countries around the world. 

You will love exploring this map. There are just so many things to discover. And just like on the Australia: Illustrated Map, many of the illustrations have numbers beside them so you can look them up in the list at the bottom of the map. 

I really love this feature. It means kids (and adults) can discover what things are if they’re not familiar with them. And it provides an amazing opportunity to learn more about other countries.

I also really loved the special gems hiding among famous monuments and native flora — special things that have a special meaning to particular locations. Look closely and you'll find a clover, a yeti, a vampire, ballet shoes and more. Even Santa Claus is there!

Along with the beautiful illustrations, fascinating facts are scattered across the map, providing fun and informative snippets of information about the world, like:

Of all life forms on Earth, 94 per cent are aquatic.

At the North and South Poles, the sun only rises and sets once a year!

There is just so much to explore!

I guarantee you will love everything about this map. It makes a PERFECT gift for all ages and is a fantastic edition to any bedroom or classroom wall.

Children are naturally curious about the world, and World: Illustrated Map is such a fun and interactive way for them to learn more about it. 

So do yourself a favour and grab a copy. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it!

Title: World: Illustrated Map
Author/Illustrator: Tania McCartney
Publisher: Hardie Grant, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 June 2018
Format: Rolled Sheet Map
ISBN: 9781741175769
For ages: All ages
Type: Non-fiction