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- author Jackie French

Saturday 14 July 2018

Review: Hello Farm

Ludo the cat is visiting the farm. He’s come to play with the animals. 

The cow family is in the barn. He calls to Otis. Bianca is still in bed. It’s onwards to the henhouse. The chickens are working but the chicks are more than happy to go off with Ludo.

Then there is a search for more friends.  Children will meet the sheep family, and the pig family with piglet in bed snoring his head off. A tickle on his tummy soon takes care of that. 

Lots of other little animals and birds can be discovered in corners, on clothes lines and elsewhere. It becomes a challenge to seek and find.

This board book presents an open-the-flap extended view of a farm yard and all the areas that house different animals. Vibrant colours and detailed illustrations depict various farm animals at rest, at work and in leisurely pursuits. When folded into place, the flaps have cut out shapes where the animals can be seen inside their home. These cut outs are round, square, and heart-shaped.

Arched doors, tiled roofs, timber barn doors, farming equipment, trees, flowers, buildings and the play area, are new things to be discovered in the early learning process. There is also a great accent on the importance of play in every spread.

There is so much to draw on. It’s not only about the animals. This book has a vast amount of language to be learnt from the detailed and beautifully presented, full page illustrations.

Title: Hello Farm
Author/Illustrator: Nicola Slater
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $14.99
Publication Date: March 2018
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781788001755
For ages: 1+
Type: Board Book with Flaps