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Friday 18 January 2019

Review: Sing Along With Me! This is the Way We Go to School

Sing Along With Me! This is the Way We Go to School is a strong and sturdy book for babies and toddlers in the stages of early learning. The characters are a happy family of tigers. 

It is created with chunky movable pieces that little hands can push and pull or slide in various directions, to alter the picture and move the actions of the characters.

The book goes through the whole song from getting up, having breakfast, brushing teeth, going to school and waving bye-bye.  

The last two verses are double spreads in panoramic view. The this is the way we go to school section of the song, reveals the tigers’ whole neighbourhood. That includes the houses in the background, the main road, children (that are different kinds of animals) on their bikes and scooters, a duck pond, and a park with a path that leads to the school.

The whole book is simply beautiful and there is so much going on that a lot of language will be exchanged and learnt through questions and conversation. This particular spread has a rotating piece which changes the images on the path that connects the main road to the way around the pond.

The last double spread shows the parents waving farewell to their children from outside the nursery window with a cat watching on. The children move in a rocking motion – left to right and vice versa, as they wave back. The colours are gorgeous pastels and the images large and joyful. Perfect for a first book, the the song will be picked up easily due to the repetition of the same words and sounds.

A free audio version of the book can be acquired by scanning the QR code on Smart phones and tablets. All help is listed inside the front cover.

Title: Sing Along with Me! This is the Way We Go to School
Illustrator: Yu-hauan Huang
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $12.99
Publication Date: 3 December 2018 $12.99
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 97891788003070
For ages: 0 - 3
Type: Board Book