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Sunday 30 June 2019

Review: Annabel, Again

Annabel, Again is a humorous, fast-paced, middle grade novel with heart. The story encapsulates the intense bonds of friendships in the pre-teen and early-teen years and the heart-aching challenges that arise when a beloved friendship changes.

Livvy and Annabel share a friendship that fills them both with joy and laughter, until the day Annabel suddenly moves to another town. It is like the very ground beneath Livvy's feet is shaken. Livvy's mother attempts to help, with advice from her personal growth books, which involves eating pistachio nuts and doing anything else to stop Livvy thinking of the gaping hole where her friendship with Annabel used to be.

Over the next year, Livvy slowly comes to terms with her new life without Annabel, when, just as suddenly, Annabel returns! Only this time something is different.

Lots of things are different, actually, and Livvy has no idea how to handle any of them. Annabel makes friends with their previous nemesis and then tries out for the Netball position that always belonged to Livvy. It seems the thin threads of their friendship are destined to unravel even further. Yet, somehow, they discover that the bonds of friendship are never truly broken.

Title: Annabel, Again
Author: Meg McKinlay
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, $16.99
Publication Date: 1 June 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925381542
For ages: 8+
Type: Middle Grade Fiction