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Saturday 29 June 2019

Review: Bitsy

Through the velvety night, 
In whispering flight,
Bats hurry homeward to hide from the light.

But Bitsy is not like the other bats. 

Bitsy is curious and adventurous. She wants to know what daytime is like, even if there are day-beasts lurking.

So despite grave warnings from the other bats, Bitsy ventures into the light. 

She discovers great beauty and wonderful sights, until the day-beasts emerge from the trees, and they seem…angry and... afraid.

Can a creature of the night and a day-beast ever be friends? Should the rumours about the night creatures and day-beasts be believed? 

Bitsy is a charming picture book about adventure, friendship and learning not to judge based on rumours. It’s about challenging what people say and having the courage to find out the truth for yourself, but the message is disguised within a fun and flawlessly rhyming story that’s pure joy to read aloud, particularly to a crowd. 

Nicki Greenberg’s beautiful illustrations bring Bitsy and all the other characters to life. Stunning colours capture star-filled nights, brilliantly bright mornings and the beauty of an Australian bush sunset. 

Bitsy will warm your heart and have you smiling. It’s a joyful story filled with a beautiful array of Australian wildlife, celebrating the power of unexpected friendships and the rewards that can be found when you push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Nicki Greenberg is the author/illustrator of several books for kids, including Meerkat Choir and Monkey Red Monkey Blue. She also has a hidden talent for making really good sandwiches! You can find out more about Nicki here and here!

Title: Bitsy
Author/Illustrator: Nicki Greenberg
Publisher: Affirm, $24.99
Publication Date: 25 June 2019
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781925870381
For ages: 3 - 6
Type: Picture Book