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- author Jackie French

Saturday 22 June 2019

Review: I Went Walking

I Went Walking is a family favourite. In this story a child goes on an adventure walk around the farm yard.

On the walk he spies lots of familiar farm animals. He sees a cat, a horse, a cow and three more animals.

Each animal in the story is also given a colour description, 'I saw a pink pig...'

My son loved the repetition in this story and as a pre-reader he quickly learnt the text's pattern and read the story along with me.

Later, as a beginning reader, he revisited I Went Walking as he found many of the words used in this story were basic sight words taught at school.

Julia Vivas' watercolour illustrations are soft, whimsical and dynamic. When the text asks 'What did you see?' she reveals part of the animal, giving children the opportunity to predict the name and colour of the animal on the next page.

When you go walking what do you see?

Some of my other favourite books illustrated by Julie Vivas include; Puffling, Davey and the Duckling, Let the Celebrations Begin and Koala.

Title: I Went Walking
Author: Sue Machin
Illustrator: Julie Vivas
Publisher: Omnibus Books, $14.99
Publication Date: February 2007
Format: Board Book
ISBN: 9781862917064
For ages: 1 – 5
Type: Board Book, Picture Book