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- author Jackie French

Saturday 18 July 2020

Review: Family

Family is the most important thing in my world, and I’d wager it’s the same in yours.

Yarning old people, endless sky, breeze through silky oak.

Family. Kinship that binds. Showing the way.

In this stunning picture book by Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson, illustrated by Jasmine Seymour, explore phrases, places and emotions that radiate the heart of ‘family’ and everything it means.

Join the characters — the families — as they share love and life with each other — growing, playing and connecting.

Family is a stunning celebration of families being families, as well as being a celebration of culture — welcoming readers to learn about some of the things important to many First Nations people.

The words are few, but each has been carefully chosen for maximum impact. They are words with significant meaning, and they allow readers to think and reflect as well as giving audiences space and time to explore the illustrations in detail.

Which are truly stunning! Textured, layered and filled with the colours of the earth and the bush, Jasmine Seymour has made this book feel so warm and inviting. She also highlights several cool things throughout the illustrations to spark discussion about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture.

Family is the second book in the Our Place picture book series, following on from Respect. The series introduces young readers to First Nations cultural philosophies and provides a brilliant way for families and classrooms to learn, share and celebrate culture.

Celebrate your family and families across Australia with this beautiful new picture book.

Title: Family
Author: Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson
Illustrator: Jasmine Seymour
Publisher: Magabala Books, $24.99 
Publication Date: 1 July 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781925936285
For ages: 3 - 6
Type: Picture Book