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Tuesday 20 October 2020

Review: Rudie Nudie Christmas

Rudie Nudie Christmas Carols, Rudie Nudie ‘Ho, ho, ho.’

Scooping up and blowing bubbles, till there’s Rudie Nudie snow.

Rudie Nudie Christmas is a magical, rhyming delight! 

From acclaimed author/illustrator Emma Quay this is the book every child needs this Christmas. 

With lots of glorious nudie-ness, the brother and sister from our hearts (and the original Rudie Nudie from six years ago) are back in this Christmas romp from bathroom to bed. 

Sloshing down the hallway, sneaking round the Christmas tree, putting on reindeer pyjamas and hanging stockings ready for Santa’s arrival, Rudie Nudie one and two revel in the night before Christmas with nudie shenanigans throughout the house.

Just as with the original Rudie Nudie, Rudie Nudie Christmas perfectly captures kid-life down to the smallest details. From the kids singing and making bubble beards in the shower, to using mum as a leaning post to get tangled pyjama pants on. 

Every turn of the page reveals a delightfully real depiction of family life with little ones on the night before Christmas. With excitement in the air and anticipation growing for early morning presents, you can feel the fizz of joy all around.

In traditional Rudie Nudie style, Quay’s illustrations are simply gorgeous. Soft pastels sprinkled with deeper pops of red and green. Stunning line drawings with beautiful details peppered throughout. 

Do yourself a favour and grab this picture book stunner for the lead up to Christmas. It’s the perfect book to share with the family and every little rudie nudie in your life.

Title: Rudie Nudie Christmas
Author/Illustrator: Emma Quay
Publisher: Harper Collins, $24.99  
Publication Date: 8 October 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780733338342
For ages: 3 - 6 
Type: Picture Book