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Sunday 21 February 2021

Review: A Natural History of Fairies

Do you believe in fairies?

They could be hiding around you, practically in plain sight.

And this book could be what makes you question any doubts, and make you believe.

An elaborate and beautifully designed book, A Natural History of Fairies is a carefully documented collection of information, a notebook encyclopedia, about various fairy species.

It's purported to be the work of a botanist named Professor Arbour, who lived 100 years ago and kept a notebook of findings which has been passed on and preserved.

What it will do is prompt exploration of the natural world, animals, habitats and so on, using the mythical creatures known as fairies.

A Natural History of Fairies guides readers through the anatomy and other features, behaviour and habitats of fairies from all over the world. You could find them living in gardens, woodlands, jungles, and even inside houses (in the nooks and crannies where you'd never look).

Professor Arbour has documented many fairy species, from the Cactus Fairy of Mexico, and the Cherry Blossom Fairy of Japan, to the UK's Holly Blue Fairy, Australia's Blue Mountain Fairy, and the Penguin Fairy from Antarctica.

Learn how they camouflage themselves, and how they survive sometimes extreme environments.

The often nocturnal fairy adapts to its surroundings, loves honey, and has favourite plants with which they share a special relationship. Many also have animal friends, like the Woodpecker Fairy who rides on the bird's back, and helps keep it clean, picking off ticks! 

If you listen and look closely when fairy spotting, you might hear them, or even discover some of their unusual fairy writing. 

Before you go fairy spotting, though, read the Professor's advice on how to do so, and how important it is to protect the environment and creatures who live in it.

The thick, embossed cover of A Natural History of Fairies seems somewhat extravagant, yet completely appropriate. The book's content is highly creative, and the olde worlde design and illustrations beautifully complement the text.

A Natural History of Fairies is a gorgeous, imaginative exploration of a mythical creature, which will appeal to children who are enchanted by the idea of fairies.

A special book that would make a wonderful gift.

Title: A Natural History of Fairies
Author: Emily Hawkins
Illustrator: Jessica Roux
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's, $ 35
Publication Date: 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781786037633
For ages: 6+
Type: Picture Book