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Monday 22 February 2021

Review: The Reality Slap - New Edition

What are Reality Slaps? They are the knocks you get on your journey through life. Everyone experiences them, some daily; others less frequently. When faced with loss of any kind, whether a friendship, personal partnership, job or whatever, crisis and grief occur. Our emotions whip us into submission and we wallow in grief if we don’t have the tools to overcome.

This cross-over, non-fiction book on how to survive and thrive when life hits hard, is a fully revised and updated, new edition of  The Reality Slap by the author of The Happiness Trap, Dr Russ Harris. 

It is not only for adults but an ideal read for mature, older children that find life challenging and without answers. Also, for parents that choose to use these insightful methods to advise their children on how to cope with painful thoughts and feelings.

The descriptive language used to describe human emotions clarifies feelings and responses through words of hope, and offer the opportunity to find a way towards change; an exciting and inspiring journey.

The book consists of three parts: Regroup, Rebuild and Revitalise, based on an approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which helps deal with the difficulties that occur in life.

Harris advises that the single most important beginning when facing loss, crisis and trauma, is to focus on what’s in your control so you are not swept away by pain. These emotions come in many forms. Therefore, grieving rituals, associated with all types of loss, are helpful and therapeutic with suggestions and examples always included.

With advice on how to weather emotional storms, exercises to practice naming the thinking pattern, and emotional control strategies, Harris guides the reader into emotional awareness, which presents interesting analogies of the choices we have when faced with a blow.

Kind self-talk is imperative, as are the benefits and guidance on self-compassion. When rebuilding your life, walls are built one brick at a time. This step-by-step approach will help with self-defeating thoughts and self-growth.

Transform your reality. Here are the skills to do so if that’s what you choose.

With this helpful book, you are about to embark on a voyage of discovery; to explore a difficult feeling and see it with new eyes.

A free eBook – The Reality Slap, Extra Bits, which contains additional resources, can be downloaded from the ‘Free Resources’ page of the website www.thehappinesstrap.com    

Title: The Reality Slap - New Edition
Author: Dr Russ Harris
Publisher: Exisle, $34.99
Publication Date: 10 November 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925820911
For ages: 16+
Type: Self Help