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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Review: Bears Don't Wear Shoes

Fall in love with Suzy as she takes on the challenge of making new friends. Suzy simply wants someone to play with, but her family are all too busy to spend time with her.

Her family have just moved to a new house, a new town and a new country. The chaos of packing and unpacking boxes leaves no time for anyone to have fun.

Moving to a new home is hard enough, but a totally new area means Suzy has no friends. On her own Suzy is feeling very lonely.

So, Suzy decides to take the initiative to try and find a friend by advertising for one. It cannot be just anyone, there are certain criteria that they must address. 

Suzy draws up criteria that her prospective friend must enjoy which includes eating biscuits, colouring in and dressing up. However, no one answers the advertisement and Suzy is still on her own.

That is until Bear turns up the next day. Even though he is late, Suzy decides to interview him for the position. Bear passes with flying colours – until he refuses to wear shoes.

Will this be the end of the blossoming friendship? Can they compromise?

Author Sharon Davey has created a beautifully illustrated and funny book about friendship and the art of compromise that all of us can relate to. It’s the perfect book for families who are moving house and are facing that same issues.

Title: Bears Don’t Wear Shoes
Author/Illustrator: Sharon Davey
Publisher: New Frontier, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 December 2020
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781922326096
For Ages: 4 +
Type: Picture Books