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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Review: The Incredible Story of Sparky the Wonder Puppy

The Incredible True Story of Sparky the Wonder Puppy is one of the many tales of survival from the latest bushfires in Australia. 

Sparky’s story is full of love, hope and community. It is difficult to explain to children why fires occur. Presented within the context of a real story, this complex disaster can be understood better.

It is Christmas time. Presents beneath the tree wait to greet children all over the world. For Logan and Summer, the nest beneath the tree hides a puppy, whom they name Sparky for his exuberant nature.

He immediately is part of the family. He chews shoes, chases rabbits, and digs holes everywhere.

It is soon after Christmas that the sky turns dark. Smoke and flames fill the air close to the town where the children and their family live. They are forced to leave their home and everything they own behind, to seek shelter in a safe place. Sparky, frightened by what is happening around him, runs off.

Unable to follow to find him, the family set out. Firefighters do their best to save what homes they can.

The townspeople rally together to help each other, offering food and clothes to those who lost their homes. And to Logan and Summer.

Although brokenhearted at losing their house, belongings, and their beloved Sparky, the family and all the others that survived, are grateful to be alive.

What happened to Sparky? Did he survive? If so, where did he go during the fires that raged around the country? Was he ever found?

This simply-told story, hopes to initiate conversation between adults and children around the traumatic events that occur during bushfires.

The Australian Geographic is a not-for-profit organization that sponsors scientific and conservation projects, adventures and expeditions. Funds from the sales of this book will go to these areas.

Title: The Incredible Story of Sparky the Wonder Puppy
Author: Craig Sheather
Illustrator: Eloise Short
Publisher: Australian Geographic, $ 19.95
Publication Date: 1 February 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781922388100
For ages: 4+
Type: Picture Book