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Friday 12 March 2021

Review: The Healthy Skin Kitchen

An increasing number of children suffer severely every year from Eczema and other skin conditions, without relief in sight. Australian nutritionist, Karen Fischer with her award-winning book The Eczema Diet, helped countless adults and children end their agony of itching and scratching.

Sufferers of acne, allergies, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and many other skin complaints are able to find relief based on continued study of nutrition and nutritional biochemistry, documented in her new book, The Healthy Skin Kitchen.

With its chemical free recipes, it offers change from within with explanations on the how and where that change occurs, and creams and lotions that fight skin issues.

Testimonials from people who have recovered, and specifically, whose children have recovered after a regimen of therapy, are witness to the results of Fischer’s treatments.

The author of six health books, Fischer has dedicated her life to skin wellness, as both she and her daughter have travelled the Eczema road.

In this latest book, (which may be her last) she presents a new way of eating that repairs, firms and tones the skin through recipes that are customizable, and includes instructions on how to adapt them for food intolerance. Symbols and their meanings accompany each recipe.

All recipes are dairy-free and many gluten free, for those who need or choose to be.

The book is presented in four parts: The Healthy Skin Kitchen, Skin Care; Signs, Symptoms and Solutions, which include a comprehensive list of skin disorders with specific treatments, and Menus and Recipes. Mouth-watering desserts like Pink Pear Sorbet and Banana Beet Nice Cream will set taste-buds tingling.

The importance of fasting and how to do so properly is touched upon. Lots of nutritional information, special notes in boxes, and how to maintain skin wellness are detailed.

The journey through this beautifully presented book with gorgeous photographs, will educate and inform readers in depth, on how to keep their skin in optimum condition through natural food and supplements.

It also offers as a background narrative, Karen’s progress through an inspiring and productive life that stemmed from uncontrollable skin issues, and ended in a successful company, Skin Friend, and a writing career.

Royalties from this book will go to Save the Children, to support and feed children in Indigenous and disadvantaged communities.

Helpful Resources can be found at the end, followed by an interesting Gratitude page, generous Endnotes on each chapter for more research on specific skin issues, and a recipe index.

Title: The Healthy Skin Kitchen
Author: Karen Fischer
Publisher: Exisle, $ 37.99
Publication Date: 3 March 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781925820652
For ages: All
Type: Cookbook