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Saturday 13 March 2021

Review: Rise of the Mythix: Flight of the Griffin (Book #3)

A unicorn, a Minotaur and a griffin: heroes, a prophecy, the Mythix.

The evil Collector wants to trap them within paintings, but the Mythix have other plans… except Kelly and Minh are currently trapped within the Collector’s compound and the their only hope of escape is one of the Collector’s guards.

A daring escape, a hike up a magical mountain, enemies closing in, evil plans by super villains, this book has it all.

Flight of the Griffin is book three in the Rise of the Mythix series by Anh Do. Filled with action, adventure and surprises throughout, it’s a wild ride of a novel with more than one smash, slam and pow!

While not a comic, the book is written in a comic book style. It moves fast, has loads of action and it jumps between the heroes and the villains as you read. 

With funky and detailed illustrations by Chris Wahl on every spread, it’s a great book for kids who love a good visual to support their reading, and even the illustrations are action packed. Very engaging and fun to explore.

Kids who love a fast paced read, will love this series. With lots of cool characters, who have lots of cool powers, it’s a story to inspire imaginations and kick start a passion for the mystical.

I haven’t read book 1 and 2 in the series, and I got up to speed with the action quickly, but I do think this series is best read from the beginning. It’s a compelling and engaging read, but each book concludes with an exciting cliff-hanger, so I believe the next book in the series will have more impact if you’ve read what’s come before.

Loads of fun and fast-paced action, this one is for the kids who love a mystical adventure where the heroes really kick butt!

For more action adventure from Anh Do, make sure to check out Rise of the Mythix: Golden Unicorn and the E-Boy series.

Title: Rise of the Mythix: Flight of the Griffin (Book #3)
Author:  Anh Do
Illustrator: Chris Wahl
Publisher: Allen and Unwin, $15.99
Publication Date: February 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760876418
For ages: 10 -14 
Type: Junior Fiction