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- author Jackie French

Saturday 3 July 2021

Review: The Watermelon Seed

Have you ever swallowed a watermelon seed? Did your skin turn pink? Did vines grow out your ears? That’s exactly what Greg Pizzoli’s quirky little crocodile is worried about in The Watermelon Seed.

The little crocodile LOVES watermelon but is petrified of the seeds. As he chomps his way through slabs of the juicy fruit, the worst thing happens: he swallows a seed! How will the little croc react? By completely catastrophising of course! 

He conjures up all sorts of hilarious consequences and with such a vivid imagination, this little croc will have you laughing.

Pizzoli writes about a common childhood worry, validating it and supporting it with just the right amount of humour. Using simple language, Pizzoli employs pauses expertly to produce comic timing.

Thanks to Pizzoli’s vibrant illustrations, the whole book looks and feels like a watermelon. Even the illustrations were created with a watermelon palette. Pizzoli has used screen printing to produce bold images that are full of shapes and textures. The simple cartoon style of the illustrations combine with the text to strengthen the characterisation of the worry-filled crocodile. The book finishes with delicious looking end papers.

For those who like to giggle, this Geisel award-winning book is for you. And what’s more it has the re-read factor. I have read this book with my little ones so many times and we all still laugh. I just know that this book will become a go-to book in your collection. I also note that The Watermelon Seed comes as a board book, perfect for those little people who like to chomp, crocodile style, on the book as they read. 

Title: The Watermelon Seed
Author / Illustrator: Greg Pizzoli
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion Books, New York, $29.99
Publication Date: 14 May 2013
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781423171010
For ages: 0 – 7
Type: Picture Book