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Sunday 10 July 2022

Junior Review: Bravo Anjali

Anjali is an avid tabla player and is used to others assuming that she’s doesn’t play the 'manly instrument'. 

As her skills grow, and she quickly rises to the top of the class, Anjali is surprised to be hearing harsh words from her friend Deepak. 

Anjali feels pressured to do her absolute best and show Deepak that she can play the tabla as good or better than him. 

When the teacher mentions an upcoming concert, Anjali feels the weight on her shoulders to do extremely well. 

At school, Deepak continues to bully Anjali. When an older student tells Anjali, in her lowest moment she should never dim her light that’s when Anjali truly understands and shines bright,

Bravo Anjali by Sheetal Sheth talks about the tabla, which is an instrument resembling to the drum that originates in India. It also values female empowerment as it shows Anjali being able to stand her ground and prove that girls can do anything boys can do! This book teaches girls at a young age to always reach for the stars and never let anyone stop you. 

I would recommend this book because it has everything you want in a children’s book. Diversity, Representation, Female Empowerment, and a great message of breaking gender stereotypes for boys and girls.  I hope you enjoy reading Bravo Anjali!

Title: Bravo Anjali
Author: Sheetal Sheth
Illustrator: Lucia Soto
Publisher: Mango and Marigold, US$19.95
Publication Date: 15 September 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781737055013
Age Group: 3 – 10 years
Type: Picture Book