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Monday 5 June 2023

Review: Any Body

Do you have questions about your body? Do you sometimes compare yourself to other people? Are you not sure where to turn for answers and support?

All super common experiences (for all of us), but here is a book to help. Any Body is an honest  book exploring bodies, body parts and identity. It takes a detailed look at how our bodies change over time and the things we can expect to experience as we hit our teen years and beyond.

But it isn’t your usual fact-based book about the human body. Any Body is… dare I say it… fun! The comic illustrations by Anke Kuhl are funky and entertaining (while also being accurate), and author Katharina von der Gathen delivers truth without taking things too seriously.

This book is like a hug. It’s comforting. It does not judge. It provides the answers so many of us have but are too scared or embarrassed to ask. It’s filled was some rather interesting facts to grab attention and help bring entertainment to the experience. And it also goes that one step further and provides tips and tricks to help you navigate change.

From tips to boost self-confidence to tips on how to be a little bit daring, this book has your back.

Exploring bodies from the outside, body difficulties, bodies from the inside, changing bodies and more, this is an important book for youngsters. How young is probably a question for individual families, but my plan is to read this one with my pre-teens so we can talk through the issues and have a little giggle together.

Originally published in Germany, this version has been translated by Shelley Tanaka.

Title: Any Body
Author: Katharina von der Gathen
Translator: Shelley Tanaka
Illustrator: Anke Kuhl
Publisher: Gecko Press, $27.99
Publication Date: 2 May 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781776575466
For ages:
8 - 12
Type: Junior Non-Fiction