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Tuesday 6 June 2023

Review: Inside the Dyslexic Mind

Reading Inside the Dyslexic Mind is eye-opening.

You might think you know something about dyslexia, or maybe you know nothing. Either way you'll learn a lot from  Inside the Dyslexic Mind and be challenged in how you think about it. 

This is a book for parents and teachers, dyslexics and non-dyslexics, and anyone open to understanding a condition which is often hidden in plain sight.

Author Laughton King offers insight gained from personal experience (he is dyslexic himself) and from many years as a psychologist, working with children who experience learning difficulties.

Inside the Dyslexic Mind will expand your own mind as Laughton shares some of what it's like to be dyslexic, including through a series of case studies that create a vivid picture of the varied impacts of dyslexia, especially when it's misunderstood.

Dyslexia can present in many and varied ways and there are lots of strategies and tips for use within families and the home environment, and for the classroom. Importantly, myths are dispelled, and the advantages of dyslexia are also championed. 

Delve into concepts like picture thinking and the analogy of brains that work with diesel versus petrol. Discover how the way we use spoken language and specific words can have an impact, and how an emphasis on a linguistic learning style (especially in our educational systems) presents challenges for those who are dyslexic.  

Laughton practices what he advocates for, and this is supported by the design of the book with its 'ring of containment' to help dyslexic readers 'to help keep the letters, the words, and the reader's eyes from straying off the page'. You'll learn more about this and other simple actions that can change a dyslexic person's life for the better.

Sometimes the simplest actions can make a big difference, and you could make a difference for yourself or someone else by reading Inside the Dyslexic Mind

Highly recommended reading or listening (there's an audio book available, too).

Title: Inside the Dyslexic Mind
Author: Laughton King  
Publisher: Exisle Publishing, $ 34.99
Publication Date: May 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781922539427
For ages: 15+
Type: Non-fiction