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Saturday 7 May 2011

Review: One Stitch at a Time

Kids have an innate interest in creating, and despite the almost total world domination by electronic game machines, sewing is something kids are continually drawn to.

In fact, many adults are keen to teach their children how to sew - it's a lifelong skill that's totally underestimated (especially given the cost of having a skirt hem taken up these days) and the coolest thing about sewing is that it's relaxing, fun, and helps develop fine motor skills.

Kids as young as 5 or 6 can learn to sew - and One Stitch at a Time is the perfect starting point. Colourful, simple and not at all overwhelming, this adorable set contains a book and a 'sewing box which is filled with all the fabric and stuffing you need to make an adorable toy.

The book contains an introduction and notes on sewing equipment and basic techniques, from threading a needle to finishing off, unpicking, fastening, gathering and specialised stitches. Kids can then choose a pattern to make - either a cat, rabbit, dog, bear or mouse. Patterns are provided in a fold-out format, keeping everything neat and tidy.

The step-by-step section takes kids through every step of the way, beautifully illustrated to help clarify further. There's also a variety of clothing to make from cat's yellow raincoat to bear's balloon-embroidered jumper.

And the best part of all - right at the back of the book - is a 'mix and match' section where kids can flip the flaps and come up with a combination animal - a mouse head, dog body and rabbit feet, for example. As the kids flip the flap, they will find instructions on the reverse side on how to make such delights as daisy sandals, a buckled belt or even fairy wings for their new toy.

Creative, kid-friendly and loads of fun.

Title: One Stitch at a Time
Author: Gen West
Illustrator: Jayne Evans and Elizabeth Yeates
Publisher: Black Dog Books, A$24.99RRP
Publication Date: 2011
Format: Hard cover with inserts
ISBN: 9781742031644
For ages: 6+
Type: Information Book