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- author Jackie French

Saturday 5 August 2017

Review: Trouble and the Exploding House

The final book in a four-part series, Trouble and the Exploding House is a fun and fast-paced story about Georgia and her pet dragon, Trouble.

Like all the Trouble books, there is a big problem to be solved, and brave and bold Georgia decides she will solve it. 

And she does.

This time, Georgia's house (which sits up a mountain thanks to Trouble) is in danger of being blown up by Government officials who say it shouldn't be there. 

Georgia must find a way to convince the Government the house belongs up the mountain wedged between giant rocks, so she enlists her classroom pals, who have all become important characters throughout the series, to help her tackle the problem. 

With themes of courage and standing up for what you believe in, I love that this story (and the whole Trouble series) shines a light on small people doing big things. And I just adore Georgia as a character. She’s brave and sassy and funny, and I love how she speaks to the reader throughout the book, pulling you in and making you feel part of the story. 

The illustrations by Stephen Michael King are glorious. They're quirky and funky and generously scattered throughout the book, sometimes taking up whole pages. This, paired with the easy-to read text, makes this book perfect for junior readers transitioning to longer stories.

Trouble is also one of those wonderful series in which the stories are all connected, but at the same time they’re also stand-alone adventures. Author Cate Whittle skilfully recaps important events from past books, so you can pick up any Trouble book and understand the story world.

But I do think this series is best enjoyed from the beginning. Starting with Trouble at Home and followed by Trouble and the Missing Cat and Trouble and the New Kid, you’ll get the most out of this wonderful series when you learn first hand how Georgia and Trouble meet and watch their relationship grow over the four books. 

Plus, they are all fabulous. Filled with mysteries, adventures and a misbehaving dragon, this is a series junior readers will fall in love with.

A fabulous conclusion to a magical junior fiction series, Trouble and the Exploding House wraps up everything so beautifully, but at the same time has you begging for more.

Title: Trouble and the Exploding House
Author: Cate Whittle
Illustrator: Stephen Michael King
Publisher: Scholastic, $9.99
Publication Date: 1 August 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742990798
For ages: 6 - 9 
Type: Junior Fiction